“Nickelback: Love to Hate” Documentary Premiered At Tiff!

"Nickelback: Hate to Love" addresses all the haters. And now Chad Kroeger is done discussing it. He says, "I'm over it.”

The first official trailer for the documentary Hate To Love: Nickelback has been released and on Friday it made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Directed by Leigh Brooks, who was at the helm of documentaries on the bands Terrorvision (Terrorvision: Wired Up and Scary) and Life of Agony (The Sound of Scars), the film explores Nickelback’s farm town origins, musical ambitions and global success as well as all of the hate that has coincided with their ascent to rock superstardom.

“Nickelback is one of the most successful acts in music history — they’re also the number one band haters love to hate. This intimate portrait surveys the Canadian stadium rockers’ rollercoaster career,” reads a brief description on the Toronto International Film Festival website.

For over two decades, Nickelback have been the butt of an endless parade of jokes and online smack talk while racking up multi-platinum record sales honors, including RIAA diamond certification for 2005’s All The Right Reasons for sales in excess of 10 million copies in the U.S. alone.

So, despite all that hate, it means Nickelback fans are surely out there and they exist in tremendous numbers.