No, Missouri Residents Are Not Getting 500 Buffalos Shipped To Their Homes

Oh, really?

The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to make sure people are aware of someone pretending to be a government agency.

According to the Department of Conservation, someone has been mailing out letters to Missouri homes saying the land around the home is being rezoned to a game preserve, and over 500 buffalo are being shipped to them.

The piece of mail claims 550 head of buffalo will be sent to the home, arriving at 4 am on June 29th.

“Greetings Land Owner: Your Conservation Commission wishes to announce that the land surrounding your home has been selected as a Game Preserve and that the first shipment of 550 Buffaloes will arrive at your home Thursday at 3:45 am on June the 29th, 2023. Thank you for your time and interest in Missouri’s Game Preservation. We look forward to serving you!”

Missouri Dept. of Conservation shared a photo of one of the letters on Facebook.