No Need For Beer Goggles! New Study Finds That Bar Patrons Think They’re Hot!

Are you ready to party!

According to new research, most people view themselves as more attractive at night than during the day, and booze has nothing to do with it!



In a new study titled “Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beer Holders but Rarely Because of the Beer,” it appears people’s perception of themselves is quite high and it has nothing to do with how much booze is in your system.


The director of the study says; “At night in a bar, there is a level of comfort that might make people more forgiving of themselves,” he told The NY Post. “Whether you drink or not, you feel good – and maybe even look better — during a great night out.”



A study was done with a total of 475 patrons who were asked to fill out a survey about how much alcohol they consumed and their own attractiveness on a scale of one to seven. Night patrons regarded themselves as more attractive than day patrons — and their opinions had nothing to do with alcohol consumption.



A lot of it may have to do with the fact that you’re dressed up, feeling good, and not as stressed out!