Normal Practises And Routines From The Past That Have Gen Z’ers Confused and Perplexed


Oh, how times have changed.  As a millennial, growing up in the 90s was awesome.  But when you try and tell a Gen Z about it- they look at you like you’re a cave man…

BuzzFeed put together a list of things we, millennials found to be completely normal.

“Seatbelts weren’t taken seriously by most people until the 90s…”

“When the internet first came out, you couldn’t talk on the phone and be online at the same time.”

“I’m just old enough to remember smoking on planes. It still blows my mind that that was a thing!”

“Making our Christmas or birthday wish lists from looking in store catalogs, like sears or Toys R Us…”

“When driving in unfamiliar territory, you had to get directions by either stopping at a gas station and asking or buying a map…”

“There were ashtray everywhere: homes, businesses, restaurants, malls…We used to make them in school for parents as presents”

“It was once normal for an entire household to share a single phone number.”

“People used to actually write letters, put a stamp on them, and mail them to their friends and relatives…”

“ If you misbehaved in school, the teacher could and would dish out a punishment: Sitting in the hall, detention, principal’s office.” 

“When you watched TV, you had to watch what was on…”