Norway Has A Music Vault In The Works, In Preparation For Doomsday

It's better to be prepared!

Next spring, a Norwegian company plans to start the creation of what they say is a doomsday vault specifically made to preserve the world’s most important music recording.


Through the use of future-proof digital storage, this new Global vault will store select recordings for at least 1,000 years. 

It will be buried almost 1,000 feet below a snow-covered mountain, on an arctic island between Norway and the North Pole.  The vault will be able to withstand obstacles such as electromagnetic pulses from a nuclear explosion that would normally deal permanent damage to electronic equipment and corrupt digital files. 


This new time capsule shares the same safeguards as the Arctic World Archive and the Global Seed Vault, which are also located underground on the archipelago.

A team based in Paris will take on the task of determining which recordings to preserve.


The plan is for a global group of people to work with various businesses to help select the “most precious and loved” music from all over the world.


Besides their goal of being open to all kinds of music from all around the world, they also hope to have the vault completed by early 2022. Revealing that the first “deposit” will focus on the preservation of Indigenous music, with pop efforts to follow.