Nudists Want Clothing Banned on Beach — It Makes Them ‘Uncomfortable’ 

Tit for Tat!

Nudists in Spain want people to stop wearing clothes on the beach — and they’re even asking the government to do something about it.

The Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia sent a letter to Catalonia officials asking them to address “the discrimination that nudists face on the beaches of Catalonia.”

The group is hoping to protect the decades-long tradition that’s linked to about 50 of the beaches in the region and has made potential requests including signage for nude beaches and a public awareness campaign for naturism.

The beaches are open for all, and the nudists say that people either strip down or stay wearing their swimwear…

“We’ve lost a bit of civility,” a nudist said “There are nudists who have stopped going to some beaches because they are too crowded and there are too many people wearing swimsuits and they feel uncomfortable.”

He also claimed that the social media boom has hurt the nudist tradition, leaving people to remain clothed so their naked bodies don’t end up in the background of a stranger’s images.

However, some nudists have kept on beaching in the nude, though they now find themselves the subject of laughter, stares and deprecating comments.

The group hopes that their efforts will help ensure that the tradition lives on and that some beaches will explicitly stay a safe space for naturists.