Older Adults Are Using Slang Phrases Like ‘Cool’ and ‘Sick’ Without Really knowing What They Mean…

That's PHAT!

Middle-aged people are using phrases regularly, perhaps out of boredom.



Many confess to using terms like ‘FFS’ or ‘that’s lit’ without being completely confident they are using them in the correct way.



While one in 10 use the terms ‘ace’, ‘safe’ and fit’ regularly but don’t know what they really mean.  Across all adults, more than a quarter have been misunderstood when trying to use a trendy slang term.


Despite this, 39 percent like using slang, because it makes talking easier and shortens sentences.



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Another third (32 percent) think it’s important to use phrases ‘the youth’ understand because it helps them communicate with younger generations.


One in three pick up their slang from friends and family, but just as many pick up theirs from watching TV, according to the OnePoll figures.



You know you’re over 40 If you use these slang words


Surfing the web
Tape!  As in “don’t forget to tape my show”
Stewardess! They are now known as “flight attendants!
Referring to the remote as the “Clicker”
Dial- As calls someone on the phone
Props! And don’t forget “Mad Props”
Crib! To describe a house
Postal… As in going postal on someone…
Chill Pill
The Bomb
That Fly!  Meaning “That’s really cool”
That’s PHAT!  Pretty hot and tempting!