Olivia Rodrigo Drops Debut Album ‘Sour’

A selection of raw and real songs are based on heartbreak.

17-year-old Disney actress Olivia Rodrigo just dropped her debut album, Sour, on May 21. Her first single ‘drivers license’ was a worldwide hit. It debuted at no. 1 on the the Billboard 100 charts, where it stayed for eight weeks, becoming the longest running number-one for a debut single. It also broke the record for most Spotify streams in one week.

She’s got approval from multiple celebrities including Taylor Swift, who has also been given a songwriting credit on the album. One of Olivia’s songs was inspired by one of Taylor’s. ‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’ by Olivia is a nod to Taylor’s lucky number 13. The two are big fans of each other and met for the first time at the Brit awards.

Check out the track listing here:

In case you missed it, Olivia Rodrigo was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and just slayed it.

YouTube / Saturday Night Live