One In Five Women Wear Their Underwear For DAYS

We're gross, but we all do it!

One in five women don’t change their underwear daily, with some going for days in the same knickers, a survey has found.


The survey of more than 1,000 women found that 21 percent wear underwear for “multiple days”.


A staggering one in ten women wears the same knickers for three days or more.


It means the dirty habit is far more common than you’d imagine, with friends and colleagues picking their pants out of the laundry basket.


Reasons can include saving on laundry time and costs or environmental reasons. Others may consider it a perfectly reasonable thing to do.


More than half wear their pants to bed after a full day in them – over 55s being most guilty.


Almost a quarter of women said they don’t change their washing and changing after exercising, most common in under 25s.