Longer hours, but less! Not everyone is into it!

Young people sometimes give older folks a bad rap for being resistant to change, but we might not get four-day workweeks because of the youngest workers.

Forbes just published the results of a work-related survey, and one of the questions they asked was about people’s interest in four-day workweeks.  And surprisingly, not a lot of people were into it.

Just 32% of older folks would like to work one less day, those are people between the ages of 58 and 76.  And interest declined from there.

24% of people ages 42 to 57 were into it, 19% of people ages 26 to 41 were into it, and only 12% of workers 18 to 25 wanted an extra day off.  (???)

For what it’s worth, it’s unclear how they pitched it:  Whether it was fewer work days with the same pay, fewer work days with less pay, or fewer work days with more hours per day, so 40 hours in four days instead of five.