Only 8 Percent Of People Feel Fully Rest After A Night of Sleep

No wonder we’re always tired!

A new study reveals less than one in 10 people (8%) actually feel fully rested after sleeping.


The survey finds that most of us get about five hours of sleep every night!  61% of people say they can’t remember the last time they felt fully and truly rested.


One in five say they never sleep well.  Those who don’t get enough sleep say stress is the cause. 


When it comes to trying to sleep better, 61% of people refuse to take any sleep aids (my husband is one of them).


The top reasons we don’t take any sleeping aids include not trusting them (42%), not wanting to become dependent on sleep meds (40%), and being afraid of negative side-effects (34%).


Do you know what’s more negative? Not sleeping and being grumpy all day!  Just saying!


What would people give up for a good night’s sleep?

42% said they’d give up their favourite food.  35% said they would give up their morning routine, while 32% said they’d give up some personal belongings.  Some are so desperate for sleep that they are willing to give up their paycheck (27%) and even their car (21%).