OnlyFans And Peloton Take You On A Sexy Spin!

It’s a calorie-burning feast for the eyes!

The new exercise craze is BeachSweat!  Basically, you work out on a beach and sweat.

But now it’s been taken to an entirely different level of sweat, but the one leading the exercise isn’t the one who will be dripping afterwards.

There’s a new R-rated subscription-based website that offers 30-minute high-intensity love and on-demand workout classes led by bikini-clad bombshells. This is sure to get your heart racing!

The new exercise platform BeachSweat blends Peloton and Onlyfans. Clips of toned, bouncing, glistening goddesses on spin bikes, in yoga poses and pumping iron have fetched upwards of 350,000 views on TikTok, luring potential subscribers.

It will cost you $14.99 monthly to subscribe to get hot and sweaty with the Miami-based knockouts.

BeachSweat — which debuted a few weeks ago as one of many pandemic-birthed, gym-free cyber workout programs — prides itself on pioneering what they call “visually inspired fitness.”

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“People get motivated to get off the couch and burn some calories when they see a sexy girl sweating and working out in a bikini,” Alexa Collins, BeachSweat’s co-founder and cycling instructor, told The Post. In just under a month, the platform has already welcomed a staggering 30,000 subscribers.

The founder of the site, says there is a 6-second delay just in case the instructors experience a wardrobe malfunction.

Unlike other fitness platforms, BeachSweat also has a “tip jar” feature. Customers can show a little monetary appreciation to instructors who have given them a good workout.