Ontario Fire Marshal Says We are Not Getting the Fire Safety Message

This month alone we've already lost 17 lives in residential fires

Jon Pegg, Fire Marshal for the Province of Ontario, has posted another plea to residents to take fire safety seriously. In December, Pegg posted a video challenged us to take the steps to protect ourselves. In this new video, Pegg says we’ve gone the wrong way.

“This month alone we’ve already lost 17 lives”, Pegg says, referring to deaths from residential fires. “These deaths are preventable. We’ve lost mothers, fathers, grandparents and children.” The fire Marshall also notes the impact on fire fighters who bear the mental weight of not being able to save those people.

Pegg says bluntly, “This is not difficult, folks. I know that smoke alarms can be a nuisance when you’re cooking. I know that changing batteries may not be top of mind but it has to be. I know that pushing  a button to test each month is  quickly forgotten. But it’s the only thing you can do to protect you and your family.”

  • Install smoke alarms! The Ontario Fire Code requires that smoke alarms be installed in all dwellings, homes and apartments. Smoke alarms are required to be installed on every level and outside each sleeping area
  • Test your smoke Alarm monthly.
  • Check in on your neighbours to see if they need help installing or testing.
  • Make an escape plan and practise it before an emergency happens.

“Smoke Alarms 100% save lives. But they only do so if they are working. And not only that, it’s the law.”

Watch his full video below.


Title Image: “Firemen Spraying Water on Blazing Fire” Creative Commons CC0 Pexels/Pixabay