Orillia Adjusts Budget Over New Road Paint

Thermoplastic Paint Comes With Added $40k Expense

Orillia using a new kind of paint on the roads. City Council gave the thumbs up to a $40,000 added expense to the municipal budget, and now road crews are working on major routes with a new, longer lasting thermoplastic paint. The move to this more expensive material comes as new environmental legislation restricts the types of paints allowed on roadways. “It is no secret that the recent changes to environmental legislation altering the type of paint we are allowed to use on our roads for line markings has presented challenges,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “Although we fully support the environmental benefits, the lines just aren’t lasting as long. This combined with a most challenging winter and sand abrasion from winter control have precipitated a series of events so we can better mark our streets so all can travel smoothly and safely.” The new type of paint is expected to last three to five years, depending on wear and tear.