OSPCA Update Status of Moonstone Dog Sled Investigation

Orders Issued As Part of Legal Process OSPCA Adheres To

Feb. 7th – The Ontario SPCA says owners of a Moonstone area Dog Sled company are complying with orders, adding three dogs are being treated as veterinary assessments continue. The OSPCA is investigating a second site affiliated with the company, and are assessing any dogs kept there.

Feb. 2nd – No charges have been laid, but the OSPCA has issued orders to a Moonstone Dog Sled company. The animal protection agency has issued the order to provide adequate insulated shelter, clean water, and appropriate food to the company, pointing out issuing these orders is part of the legal process the OSPCA must follow. The dog sled company was accused on social media of mistreating its animals, a claim the OSPCA continues to investigate.