What's your tradition?

Most kids only have a few weeks left of school before summer hits.  So someone looked at the top end-of-school traditions we do.


2,000 moms with kids aged five to 12 were polled, and just under two-thirds said they have at least one tradition.  Here are eight of them that people said they do each year, or have done before.



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1.  Taking a photo of your kids at the end of each grade?  50% do it.  So look forward to lots of those photos on Facebook.


2.  Taking their old homework or workbooks and BURNING them, 49%.


3.  Writing thank-you notes to teachers, 48%.


4.  Putting school-related stuff in storage, or a closet.  46%.


5.  Getting ice cream, 43%.


6.  Decorating the sidewalk with chalk art, 40%.


7.  Throwing an end-of-school party, 38%.


8.  Making s’mores, 36%.