This Is How Much Parents May Spend On Back-To-School This Year

Smelly markers are a must!

The National Retail Federation is predicting the average household will spend about $849 this year for school supplies compared to $685 in 2018 due to more electronic purchases and readjusting to in-person learning.


Economists say spending may be boosted by higher-than-normal savings from the pandemic, as well as the new federal child tax credit that began hitting families’ checkbooks earlier this month.


Parents are basically playing catch-up after kids have been sitting at home learning from a computer screen.


What will we be buying? 

  • Writing essentials, like pens, pencils, and markers
  • Organizers and decorations for lockers
  • Backpacks and lunch bags
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Hand sanitizers and masks
  • Notebooks and binders
  • Headphones, chrome books!


Prices are a little higher too.