Our Top Irritations As Life Gets Back To Normal!

Eww, people!

According to a new survey, chores, frequent visitors and cleaning the house are among the most inconvenient things as life gets back to a more normal place.



If there was a positive that came out of this pandemic, it was the gift of time.  Too much time for many, but the lockdowns also allowed us to cut those everyday stresses out.



But, as life returns to a normal state, life’s little annoyances are coming back to bite us in the butt!



1.            Sitting in traffic

2.            Taking COVID-19 tests

3.            Spending more money on everyday things e.g. commuting

4.            Filling up the car with fuel more often

5.            Finding a parking space

6.            Having less spare time to do household chores

7.            Commuting

8.            Having people visit and having to clean the house

9.            Having to attend social events

10.          Managing your finances


Other annoyances on the list include, being away from the house more regularly, having meetings in person again, in-laws, doing school drop offs and pick ups!