Out Of Date Wedding Traditions, Should Some Go?

I could do without tossing rice at the bride!

YouGov.com polled people who’ve been married and asked if we should keep doing these ten traditional wedding things.


Here’s what they said . . .


1.  The bride’s family should pay for it?  That’s one of the top traditions people want to STOP following.  43% say ditch it.  Only 25% say keep it.  Everyone else isn’t sure.


2.  Not seeing each other until the ceremony?  28% think it’s dumb now.


3.  The bride should wear white?  24% think it’s outdated.


4.  Exchanging rings?  Only 5% of Americans say ditch that one.


5.  The bride’s father giving her away?  Only 14% say cut it.


6.  The bride and groom’s first dance?  Most people still like that one.  Only 6% said no.


7.  Tossing the bouquet?  11% are sick of it.


8.  The garter toss?  26% don’t want to see it at weddings anymore.


9.  Throwing rice or birdseed?  31% say stop.


10.  The bride promising to cherish and “OBEY” her husband?  50% don’t want to hear that line anymore.  But only 38% of men agree, compared to 61% of women.