Over 60% of People Consider These Summer Staples A Form Of Therapy!

Sangria equals summer!

Summer is sacred, we don’t get much of it!  Canadians are no strangers to making the best of those hot summer days!



A new summer survey of random people found just thinking about summer puts most in a good mood!



People also feel more relaxed when they’re at a summer get-together!



Respondents say they are ready to attend barbecues and relax in the pool, confessing it’s a good form of therapy!



The study revealed the best parts of summer include eating summer foods (57%), being outside (55%), relaxing on the weekends (50%), and of course — the warmer weather (45%).


As part of this survey, people shared their favourite tastes and smells of summer!




  1. Lemonade – 60%
  2. Barbecue/smoked foods – 59%
  3. Melon fruits – 51%
  4. Iced tea – 51%
  5. Corn on the cob – 49%






  1. Grilled foods – 65%
  2. Fresh cut grass – 60%
  3. Beach air – 49%
  4. Charcoal grills – 43%
  5. Sunblock – 41%