Over 75% of Workers Say They Could Complete The Same Amount Of Work in 4 Days Rather Than 5

But some jobs are just not a 4-day a week situation

As younger generations, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are aging to make up more of the workforce, workplace expectations from employees are shifting. One such shift is the increase in demands for a 4-day workweek.

Over 75% say they could complete their current workload in a four-day workweek rather than five, according to a recent report…

Millennials now make up around 35% of today’s workforce, and are the most passionate about the four-day workweek with 87% agreeing.

Fun Fact:

The average worker reports that they are productive for 31 hours a week, which roughly equals four days of 9-to-5 work. With Gen Z workers this number goes even lower to 29 hours a week. 

1 in 3 workers would quit their current job for a 4-day workweek job, with 10% saying that they would even be okay facing a pay cut for it.

Although Gen Z values flexibility, they are not as fond of working from home as other generations – Baby Boomers preferred remote work the most with 40%, followed by Gen X (32%) and Millennials (29%).