Over Half Of People Agree “Life Hacks” Are Most Useful In The Kitchen

Have you ever tried a “life hack’ that you saw from an online video?

New research suggests that those little tips and tricks save people almost four hours of effort each week.


Some life hacks have been tried, tested and true and can save you a lot of time.


The survey also found that 71% of “life hackers” are using them more now than they did before the pandemic started in early 2020.


The most popular life hacks were those focused on cooking, with 54% saying they use a hack in the kitchen.


Cooking hacks that ranked high included batch cooking meals for the whole week, boiling potatoes with skins on for easier removal, and using microwaveable rice.


Like all skills, some life hacks require practice; respondents revealed that it takes them an average of three attempts to get a life hack right.


Parents are more likely to use life hacks compared to those without kids.


Of the respondents with children, 78% wish there were more hours in the day, compared to just 48% of those without children.



Popular parental life hacks included buying snacks in bulk to split up for individual lunches, getting the kids to pack their own lunches to build confidence and save time, and filling homemade snack bags with air to stop the items from getting crushed.


One in three parents has frozen juice packs to keep all the items in their child’s lunch bag cold during the day.