Page’s 5: Ways to Exercise at Home

Staying In, Staying Active


A quick 10 minute Yoga practise every morning will not only wake up your body with a good stretch, but will also put you in a calmer and better mindset to face the day. You can find instructed routines for free online, or if you’re an experienced Yogi, run through your own flow each morning with your favourite stretches.

Walk/Run Outside

Fresh air is extremely important and getting out in the world for a walk or run each day is one of the easiest ways to get active while staying home. This can be something as simple as going for a walk around the neighbourhood or even going into the backyard for a few laps of the house.

YouTube Videos

There are an abundance of free YouTube videos available to you, whether you have some equipment at home or nothing at all. The videos have experienced instructors that can give you a full-body workout for whatever level you are at in your fitness goals and for whatever time you have available in the day to workout.

Create Your Own Work Out Routine

You can easily find free workout routines online. Pick a few exercises you enjoy and build your own for each day of the week.

Play With The Kids/Dog

Inside or outside, this is certainly going to burn off some energy for them and get you moving and active all the while as an added bonus, you’ll be spending quality time together.