Page’s 5: What He REALLY Wants For Valentine’s Day

Men Approved Gift Ideas

Ladies are easy to buy for! Chocolates, diamonds, flowers, perfumes, and we’re usually pretty happy.

The guys on the other hand… well they can require a bit more creativity.


Cologne- It’s a fact. Guys stink. Why not cover up that stench with something yummy?!

Accessories (Watch/Sunglasses/Jewellery)- He might say he’s got style, but you know better!

Shaving Kit- Whether it’s scruff or a baby face you like, keep that facial hair looking good!

Concert/Sporting Event Tickets- He’d love an outing to see his favourite band or sports team, especially with you!

Sex- You know that’s what he’s hoping for by the end of the night anyway! 😉

And if that all isn’t doing it for you…

A Gift Basket of His Favourite Stuff!!


I made this for my guy a couple years ago. His favourite treats, silk boxers, a picture of us together, a little stuffed monkey and a cute handwritten note!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!