Nostalgic Candy: 9 Treats That Take You Back In Time

Are you a candy lover? When you were a kid did you spend all your […]

Are you a candy lover? When you were a kid did you spend all your allowance at the candy store? If this sounds like you, then you’re sure to love this nostalgic trip down memory lane as we look at some of your favourite childhood candy …

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Pop Rocks

The tiny, carbonated candies created a mini fireworks show on your taste buds. If you listen close you can still hear them popping on your tongue as you walked home listening to your discman!

Sour Keys

A staple for every child then and now – Sour Keys. Shaped like oversized keys, these sour gummies were, and still are, a mainstay in candy aisles. They are the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The kind of combination that you’ll never forget.

Jaw Breakers

Jaw Breakers were a candy you bought when you wanted something to last. These massive, hard candies promised layers of flavors and hours of jaw-dropping enjoyment. The size and durability of Jaw Breakers made them a favorite if you wanted something to last all day! Rumour has it, there’s still a child working on finishing one!

Fun Dip

Fun Dip has to make this list! A candy stick dipped into fruit-flavored powder always sparked joy and excitement. Fun Dip brings out your creativity with all the different ways to enjoy it. Whether it’s finishing one powder at a time, or eating both powders at once … you could never have a bad time eating Fun Dip!

Sour Patch Kids

If you craved a perfect balance of your favourite flavours Sour Patch Kids were your go-to treat. They tricked your taste buds in the best way, starting sour and finishing sweet. Plus you could make little characters and play with them before you eat them. What’s not to love?

Garbage Candies

Garbage Candies had a weird name. Other than the questionable shapes and packaging these candies were delicious. They added an element of fun to your eating experience.

Candy Necklaces

The most fashionable on this list are Candy Necklaces. Fruit-flavoured candy all tied on a string so you could access them all day, and look super cool. Candy Necklaces added a whimsy touch to show off your creative side.

Soda Candies

Soda Candies were perfection in a package. The soda-flavored treats captured the feel of popular beverages. They provide a unique and refreshing treat you’ll remember for years.

Chocolate Covered Raisins

A classic addition to the retro candy lineup – Chocolate Covered Raisins. These timeless treats offered the perfect combination of sweet and chewy. The taste of chocolate followed by the natural sweetness of raisins. The snack provided a satisfying break from the usual fruity and sour flavors.

From Pop Rocks to Chocolate Covered Raisins, this nostalgic candy are time machines, bringing you back to your childhood. Were any of these on your shopping list as a kid?