The Best Easter Candy!

Chocolate makes everything better!

Easter baskets full of candy can bring a lot of joy to any kid, but not all Easter candy is created equal. It’s not enough to pick up a few egg and bunny-shaped treats.


The best holiday candies for Easter are prized commodities: Reese’s, Cadbury, Lindt, and if you ask some folks, Peeps. These are the things of Saturday night dreams and Sunday morning celebrations.  Hope you can still find some on store shelves!


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Here are the best Easter candies for stuffing an Easter basket this year.


Jelly Belly inevitably shows up in Easter baskets, which is … fine. They are a perfectly serviceable vehicle for sugar, but not very special beyond that. They’ll be found at the bottom of our basket after everything else is gone.


Peeps! Some people love bird-shaped marshmallows. Others hate them with a passion. But Peeps are an undeniable part of any Easter celebration, with their rainbow of colours and increasingly diverse flavours. They are the number one selling candy at Easter.


Lindt Chocolate Carrots! The best thing about chocolate carrots is the cute packaging. Under that wrapping is a well-balanced combination of hazelnut, chocolate, and white chocolate. All around an enjoyable, if not astounding experience.


Cadbury Mini Eggs! Whereas larger Cadbury eggs are stuffed with filling (more on that later), the minis are pure chocolate. They’re enjoyable and more unique that the pastel M&M’s that show up around Easter.


Hollow Chocolate Bunnies! It’s all about the texture (and nostalgia) with the hollow bunnies. Solid bunnies are good too, but the hollow variety provides that perfect snap that makes us think of Easter.


Cadbury Crème Eggs! The Cadbury crème egg is pure Easter enjoyment. While the caramel-filled eggs have their place, the velvety, sweet centre of the creme eggs is without comparison.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs! Whether it’s spring or fall, Easter or Halloween, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the absolute best candy at any party. The shapes vary with holidays throughout the year, but the chocolate and fake peanut butter are always the same, always comforting, and always delicious.


Those Hollow Easter Chocolate Eggs Filled With Smarties!
You can get them in almost every chocolate candy treat.  They come in a nice box and are always enjoyable!