Don’t Buy Your Kid These Gifts For Easter!

Rabbits are a lot of work and require care and love...

Easter is only a few days away, and rabbit advocates are urging people not to buy bunnies or chicks as holiday gifts for children.


Rabbits can become aggressive if they aren’t spayed or neutered. Getting a female rabbit spayed can cost more than $300.


Often when the rabbit quickly matures, the child is bitten by the rabbit and they no longer want to take care of it. Bunnies that are purchased as Easter gifts are often abandoned outside by parents who think the rabbits will survive on their own in the wild.

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Domestic rabbits have very different food requirements than wild rabbits. They also lack survival instincts and usually meet a quick death from a dog or hawk.


Rabbits require a lot of care and are not considered low-maintenance. The best advice for Easter is to give a stuffed or chocolate bunny instead of a real one.