Parents Check the Prices of Hot-Ticket Holiday Items Four Times A Week!

I'm on it, LOL!

According to new research, two in three parents have been staking out the best deals for their kids’ holiday gifts since September!

With almost half of parents saying that their kids are expecting a hot-ticket item this year, it’s no wonder that most parents are already in planning mode.

This may be why the average parent is checking on prices for certain items four times a week, with 38% doing so more than four times.

Parents of kids 4-6 and 13-15 are the most aware, and on the ball in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season!

On average, parents are budgeting $220 for each child – with the highest budgets for 7-12-year-olds – but 28% are trying to keep it below $100.

The survey found that when holiday shopping for their kids, parents run into issues around product availability and not knowing what to get instead.

We’d do anything to make our kids happy!

Results showed that 44% of parents admitted if they were struggling with finding the hot-ticket item their child wanted for the holidays, they would consider purchasing it from an unknown seller, with parents of early teens being the most likely to.