What Parents Are Looking Forward To When The Kids Move Out!

Being an empty-nester has its perks!

You may be a long way from being an Empty-nester, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about what comes with no kids in the house…



The poll of 1,000 parents aged over 45 who have had at least one child leave home found 65 percent were looking forward to the day their kids finally left.



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Although 78 percent of parents were sad when then their last child moved out. But the day will come and there are things that parents can look forward to!


1.            Less washing

2.            Food bills going down

3.            Knowing the house will be as tidy as you left it

4.            Energy bills going down

5.            Not having to clean up after them

6.            Only cooking for two, or one

7.            Being more spontaneous in general

8.            Not having to go around the house collecting cups, mugs and plates

9.            Being able to eat whatever you want for dinner

10.          Having disposable income

11.          Turning bedrooms into other spaces

12.          Not being woken up in the middle of the night when they get home

13.          Being able to take more holidays

14.          Not having to pick them up from places

15.          Going on exotic holidays – without the kids

16.          Throwing out clutter