Parents Say Teenagers Are The Most Difficult To Raise

What the fourteen-year-old!

Age 15 is the hardest age to deal with according to a new survey! A study of 1,000 parents of teenagers found 75 percent think the ages of 13-19 are the most challenging years of raising children, with 32 percent admitting they were ‘unprepared’.


Coping with their mood swings is the most stressful thing about parenting a teenager, followed by helping them to make important life choices and allowing them to make their own mistakes.


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The study also found that 77 percent of parents claim their teenager has had periods where they have felt stressed, with 82 percent of those saying these worries were around their exams or education.


Other stress triggers around their education include the impact of the pandemic and home-schooling on their grades and living up to their parents’ and teachers’ expectations. 



1.            Coping with their mood swings

2.            Helping them to make important life choices

3.            Allowing them to make their own mistakes

4.            The fact they spend so much time on technology

5.            Helping them to manage their emotions

6.            Dealing with hormonal changes

7.            Helping them through their exam stress

8.            Trusting them to make their own decisions

9.            Helping them to plan and make decisions about their future

10.          Worrying about them doing well on their exams

11.          Them wanting their independence/ more independence than you want to give them

12.          Helping them to deal with their body image and feel confident

13.          Communicating with them about sensitive, tricky or embarrassing subjects

14.          Fears about the impact of social media on them

15.          Worries that they are going to be bullied

16.          Guiding them through high-pressured education

17.          They are getting into boys/ girls – learning about relationships

18.          Helping them to cope with a huge amount of schoolwork

19.          They are learning who they are as a person

20.          Worries that they will take drugs