“Paw Patrol” Snacks Recalled After Bar Code Revealed Adult Website…

Oh my!

All butter mini biscotti Biscuits, chocolate chip, Yummy Bars Raspberry and Apple- ALL RECALLED

Supermarket giant Lidl has issued a recall of Paw Patrol snacks after the website listed on the products’ packaging began displaying explicit content unsuitable for children.

Lidl, which operates more than 12,000 stores globally, is urging shoppers in the United Kingdom to return the snacks for a full refund.

Affected products include Paw Patrol Yummy Bakes and Paw Patrol Mini Biscotti, snacks recommended for children aged two and above. Lidl’s recall notice [PDF] dated August 22 warns that the product’s packaging contains a web address that has been “compromised” to display content “not suitable for child consumption.”

So how exactly does this happen?  

“Chase is on the case”

The company isn’t sure but did offer up an explanation that the web domain on the packaging had lapsed! At the time of writing, the desktop website — appykidsco.com — loads either a blank page with a message in Chinese containing search engine keywords or an error message. But when the website is opened from a device with a smaller screen, such as a phone, the website displays as a holding page with numerous ads containing animated explicit and pornographic images.

PAW Patrol Is on a Roll!