People Are Having Vaccination Parties To Celebrate Their Two Shot Status!

I'm So Jealous!

If you’re fully Vaxxed and want to celebrate, here’s a thought, throw a party!


WARNING: This is a US story and does NOT apply to Ontario residents.  You should not be gathering as we are still in lockdown.


Our US friends are celebrating bring totally vaccinated by hosting Vaccine-themed parties, complete with Jell-O shots in outsize syringes, snacks in the shape of flexed arms, and beverages served in tumblers labeled Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Other features ranged from lockdown-themed napkins printed with gags like: “Man walks into a bar … Lucky bastard” to cute favors in the form of beaded bracelets spelling out the word: “Vaxxed.”

While we Canadian’s still have time to plan our vaccination parties, these are fun ideas to give us hope!