People Are Starting To Regret Those Tattoos!

Remember when tats were forever?

Permanent ink is getting a lot less permanent, according to a new study 1 in 4 adults admit to having tattoo regret in 2023. 

The report found 23% plan on getting their tattoos removed in the future. The forearm, bicep, chest, and shoulder are the most regrettable parts of the body to tattoo.

  • Top 5 tattoos people regret: lettering/scripts, symbols, names, animal designs, and tribal tattoos
  • 68% believe the rise of tattooing is due to the ease of removal down the road 
  • 1 in 10 has gotten a tattoo for a significant other… and then broken up

While over half said they started to regret their tattoo about 2 years after getting it,18% said regret set in after just a few days. This might be because 1 in 5 have gotten a tattoo under the influence.

Despite the ink remorse, nearly 3 in 4 Americans say they like tattoos! And, 39% of Americans proudly bear their ink, spending an average of $745 on their tattoos.