People Are Suffering With “Workstation” At The Office!

Remember in high school when you didn’t want to use the bathroom to go number two? Same thing!

The majority of people are full of it, according to new research. Seven in 10 workers are holding their poop in all to avoid using a public restroom.


A new survey of 2,000 people asked about their pooping preferences and found 69% hate pooping in public so much, they hold it in until they can be in the comfort of their own home.


Men are more likely to hold it compared to women.


On average, people are holding it in for two and half hours to poop at home – and men are willing to wait three hours, compared to two hours for women.


Why are people putting themselves through this discomfort?  The survey found that the majority of respondents agreed they’re just uncomfortable with using a public restroom for No. 2.


The survey asked respondents what the most important points of public restroom etiquette are and found peeping through the gaps in the doors is the biggest violation.


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  1. Don’t look through gaps in the doors (48%)
  2. Don’t talk, especially to someone who’s urinating/defecating (46%)
  3. Keep one stall/urinal between you and the next person (40%)
  4. Avoid making unnecessary noises (39%)
  5. Avoid eye contact (32%)
  6. Leave as quickly as possible (32%)
  7. Avoid making or taking phone calls (32%)



  1. Thin toilet paper (44%)
  2. Bad smells (43%)
  3. Gaps in bathroom stalls (37%)
  4. Coworkers trying to speak to you while you are in a stall (36%)
  5. Hearing sounds coming from other stalls (34%)
  6. Coworkers that don’t wash their hands (31%)
  7. When coworkers are in the bathroom and you need to poop (22%)
  8. Coworkers gathering and talking (12%)