People Are Weirdly Turned On By these Cartoon Characters!

They may be two-dimensional, but they still turn heads!

A new report had found that some cartoon characters are pretty attractive to a lot of people!

The hottest is Bugs Bunny’s basketball-playing girlfriends, Lola Bunny- who made her debut in the 1996 film “Space Jam.”

She was found to have the most sex appeal when a search was done on “giant logs.”

Marge Simpson ranked number 2!

Tinker Bell, Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen and “Kim Possible” from the Disney kid’s TV show all ranked in the top 10!

The dating app-review website Datingroo analyzed search volume data for countries across the world for “cartoon character sexy” to see which characters people were looking up the most to “meet their sexual desires.”

“The global appetite for sexy cartoons shows rabbits, the colour yellow and fantasy princesses get people clicking.” Shout out to Velma of “Scooby-Doo,” and “Family Guy’s” Lois Griffin for also being searched out and clicked on…

Notably missing, Jessica Rabbit, Wilmas Flinstone, And what about Betty and Veronica from Archie?