More and More People Are Meeting Their Partners While Traveling!

This may explain why shows like “90-day fiancé” are so popular!

If you’re looking for friendship or romance, it might be worth taking a trip — over a fifth of Americans met their spouse while travelling, according to new research.


23% of people in the survey said that they married someone they met while travelling and another third of people have had a “vacation romance,” and a quarter of people say that they have a bestie they met abroad. 


Some people didn’t even make it to their destination, with three in ten admitting they met their person on a plane.


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79% believe making new friends while travelling makes a trip better, even if they don’t stay in touch afterward. According to respondents, travel can also strengthen existing bonds.

Sixty-nine percent of people surveyed believe the right travel companion can be a make or break for the trip — and 71% have met someone while travelling who gave them a new perspective or changed their lives.


For those looking to meet new people while travelling, participating in different activities was found to be the best way.





  • Participating in lots of different activities while travelling — 31%
  • Taking group tours while travelling — 28% (tied)
  • Participate in hotel events (afternoon teas, cocktails, performances) — 28% (tied)
  • Being active (gym, hikes, tennis, cycling, kayaking, golf, etc.) — 27%
  • At the bar or restaurant — 26%
  • Use social media — 25% (tied)
  • Stayed at a hotel — 25% (tied)
  • On the beach — 25%
  • Visiting museums or historic sites — 25%
  • Went on a group tour — 24% (tied)
  • Went on a cruise — 24% (tied)
  • Live music — 24%
  • Cooking classes or wine tastings — 24%
  • Learn the local lingo — 23%
  • Use an app to meet other travellers — 21%