People More Likely To Be Cheated On In The Winter!

New research from IllicitEncounters suggests that people are looking to keep warm with someone else during the winter months!

Dating website IllicitEncounters, which facilities extra-marital affairs and other bad behaviour, says that every year they see a huge rise in sign-ups (about 50 percent) around the time we set the clocks back… (OMG! That’s this weekend)



60% of people confessed that they had more time to cheat during the winter months.  The site also says that twice as many messages are sent when the temp drops.



WHY?  According to the adultery engineers, it’s mainly to do with the fact that the longer hours of darkness and the sadness around winter months amplify feelings surrounding tumultuous relationships.  The clocks going back afford us more time in bed, but they allow for a lot more when it comes to adultery says the site!





Forget the tough-guy act: science has found that MEN are usually sadder after a breakup than women. 184-thousand people took part in a university study that found more guys ended up feeling ’heartbroken’ or crying after a breakup compared to the women in the study. 


They also found ‘poor communication’ was the top reason for breakups, followed by lack of trust. ‘Physical appearance’ was also top 5, so maybe get a haircut and hit the gym once in a while.