People Prefer Villains Over Heros In Movies!

More Than Half Of TV or Movie-Watching People “Always” Do So for the Villains

In a recent survey of 2,011 adults, three in five (60%) said they watch a series or movie just for the villain. 

A quarter of people were found to prefer villains to heroes. Among those 497 respondents, Gen Z attributes this preference to villains’ complexity, while millennials could relate more to their backstory and Gen X are drawn to their more interesting powers.

Gen Z respondents were also the most likely to prefer villains-turned-heroes over their polar opposite.

It’s no wonder 36% of all respondents named the anti-hero as their favourite type of character.

According to the poll, the best villains have cool powers, sinister voices and amazing costumes or accessories. The top three accessories for a villain to use? Masks, technology and swords. 


  • Cool powers – 41%
  • Sinister voice – 39%
  • An amazing costume/accessories – 37%
  • A powerful sidekick – 36%
  • High-tech – 36%
  • Over-the-top funny – 32%
  • A striking haircut – 30%