People Reveal The Age At Which They Begin To Enjoy The Finer Things In Life!

Are you sophisticated?

According to a new study, we start to appreciate the finer things at age 26!


Three out of four people claim to have an appreciation for the “finer things” in life, and it typically develops at a much younger age than you’d expect.


So, what makes a person more mature? At the top of the list, respondents cited having an opinion about the stock market (38%), being knowledgeable about different wines and spirits (35%), and investing in expensive tailored clothes (35%).


What Makes Someone ‘Sophisticated’. asked 2,000 people to name the top things that make someone seem like a SOPHISTICATED adult.



Here are the top five . . .


1.  Having an opinion on the stock market.  38% said it shows you’re sophisticated.

2.  Being able to discuss different types of wine, or things like scotch, 35%.

3.  Wearing expensive clothes, 33%.

4.  Going to museums, 31%.

5.  Being able to discuss current events, 31%.