7 In 10 People Would Exercise More If They Had This!

A cheering section!

The average person has tried five different workout routines in the past two years, according to new research.


In a new poll of 2,000 general population adults, 34% struggle to find new workout routines.


And yet, even with the rise of the home workout during the COVID-19 pandemic, people say they’re more likely to exercise if someone is cheering them on.


It may be the company they keep — or don’t. One in three admitted they work out alone now more frequently than they did before March 2020.


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But about two-thirds of respondents said they’d be more willing to work out if they had someone there to support them.


Almost half prefer group workouts, including 27% who prefer to exercise with others.


Although respondents claimed to exercise between three and four days a week, 30% cited finding time to work out as a challenge.