PETA Wants Us To Stop Calling Our Animals “Pets”

Our animals are part of the family!

Earlier this month, PETA called for people to stop using names of animals to insult people, like calling somebody a “snake,” or a “chicken.”


Now PETA is urging animal owners to reconsider the language they use to describe their companions.


Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, says we should no longer call our dogs, cats, or any other type of animal our “pets,” as she considers the term derogatory.  Newkirk instead has called for humans to call pets “animal companions.”


In recent years, PETA has urged people to stop using what they describe as “anti-animal speech.” The terms include phrases like, ”bringing home the bacon,” “kill two birds with one stone, “beat a dead horse,” and “take the bull by the horns.”