Please Blow Out Your Candles Like Romney

It's not weird, it's polite

Mitt Romney, United States Senator from Utah and former Presidential Nominee, turned 72 today and was surprised by his staff with a Twinkies birthday cake. He posted the video online and it wasn’t the cake that caught people’s attention; it was how he blew out the candles.


He took each candle out one by one and blew it out. This is something many of us have never seen before and some people decided to point it out in a not-to-polite way.


But others pointed out that this way of blowing out candles is incredibly thoughtful towards the people who will be eating the cake. It avoids having someone’s gross spit all over the cake!




Author Rachel Held Evans says: “I find this completely reasonable. What is unreasonable is how we, as a culture, have standardized the practice of blowing all over a cake before serving it to others during flu season.”

This has me rethinking how I blow out candles and whether I’ll even put candles on my child’s shared birthday cake in a month (maybe just have one cupcake for the candle?)

Image: Mitt Romney/Twitter