Post-Lockdown Thanksgiving, How Will It Look This Year?

Are you ready for a more normal Thanksgiving?

Last year’s restrictions got in the way of usual family Thanksgiving celebrations, but most are hopeful that this year’s festivities will look more like a typical year!



A survey found that in anticipation of a more normal Thanksgiving, people are making plans earlier.



The survey found that safety is still a concern with just over half of people saying they will visit multiple small gatherings instead of one huge gathering.

In addition to family Thanksgiving, 42% plan on hosting or attending a “Friendsgiving” celebration, which is an increasingly popular tradition for Gen Z and millennials.

Regardless of how you celebrate, there will be food!  In fact, many have learned how to make new and more adventurous dishes since the pandemic began!  




Fried turkey (34%) vs roasted turkey (51%) vs smoked turkey (9%)
Whole turkey (53%) vs breast only (37%)
Dark meat (49%) vs white meat (45%)
Big turkey (48%) vs small turkey (43%)
Canned cranberry sauce (43%) vs homemade cranberry sauce (41%)
Stovetop mac and cheese (29%) vs oven-baked mac and cheese (54%)
Boxed mashed potatoes (29%) vs homemade mashed potatoes (63%)
Boxed stuffing (33%) vs homemade stuffing (57%)
Store-bought gravy (39%) vs homemade gravy (51%)
Store-bought pie (24%) vs homemade pie (55%) vs frozen pie (16%)