Some Predictions about 2023 from 1923 and They’re Eerily Accurate!

A Twitter thread shared guesses on what life would be like in THIS YEAR, from a century ago. You'll be surprised!

1923 was 100 years ago, and apparently the general consensus of 2023 was… weird!

University of Calgary Instructor Paul Fairie shared a really interesting thread on Twitter, and it’s hilarious.

Even in 1923, folks only wanted a FOUR hour work week:

Some predications even involved life expectancy, and population and yes… it’s close:

Other guesses for the year of 2023 involved fashion trends, and I don’t know if anyone could pull these off:

And women’s fashion would be… interesting:

Needless to say, some of these are correct and most are probably SUPER wrong.

It’s fun to think about how we’re going to try and predict was 3023 will be like… and will probably be this close, but so far.

Check out the whole thread here.