Psychologist Says We Need This Many Friends In Our Lives

And having too many friends is as bad as having none!

According to research, the number of close friends that someone should have is surprisingly small – although apparently, we can have meaningful relationships with up to 150 people.


Oxford University Anthropologist Dr. Robin Dunbar, says that humans can maintain relationships with 148 people. The doctor says our friendships are measured in layers following cumulative layers of 15, 50, and 150 people.  The first layer is your top five people.  (Your ride or die, people)


Emotional closeness obviously decreased as the number gets bigger.

Here’s how it breaks down!


The top-end, 150 (or anywhere between 100 and 200), are the casual friends that you may invite if you were throwing a large party.


The 50 friends may be the ones that you would certainly call ‘close’, but may not see in person that often.


The group of 15 are your pals who you confide most things to, and that small five usually includes your family members or most intimate pals, who are your closest support group.