Quebec Plans To Tax The Unvaccinated

Premier François Legault dropped the bombshell news of his no-vax tax Tuesday

“Unvaccinated people put a financial burden on others and the provincial finance ministry is determining a “significant’ amount that unvaccinated residents would be required to pay.” The premier made the announcement Tuesday but the exact amount has not been determined.


The province is consulting with the finance minister and its legal advisers about implementing the measure, but Legault already said $50 or $100 “is not significant” enough for him, according to CTV.


The tax would be imposed on adults who refuse to get their first vaccine over the next couple of weeks.


This would not apply to those with medical exemptions, however.





Vaccine appointments multiply after Quebec requires shots for weed, alcohol stores

First-dose vaccine appointments quadrupled in Quebec after the Canadian province required vaccine passports to buy alcohol and marijuana. Quebec announced the new rules Thursday when there were an average of 1,500 first dose appointments. On Friday, there were 6,000 first dose appointments. The new rules go into effect beginning January 18th.