It's been a good run!

You’ve heard of ChatGPT, the A.I. that could steal a lot of writers’ jobs.  Now there’s a new one threatening to steal OUR jobs.

It’s called RadioGPT and uses the same tech ChatGPT does.  A software company in Ohio just released it, and the good news for us is . . . it’s pretty lame, at least the current version.

The A.I. voices ALMOST sound human, but not quite.  And it’s designed to do everything we do:  Play songs . . . take calls . . . do interviews . . . tell you about the news . . . even LOCAL news and traffic . . . and in rare cases, try to be funny.

They launched a demo site where you can check it out if you want.  The general feeling is it seems like something other ROBOTS might enjoy listening to. talked to two of the guys behind it, and they claim they’re NOT trying to steal our jobs.  They say that’s the “furthest thing” from their goal.

They claim it’s meant for times of day when hosts like us aren’t working anyway, like late at night.  Or it could take shows like ours and translate them into different languages, so we’d reach people in other countries.

They also think hosts like us might enjoy having robot CO-HOSTS eventually.  So, us and A.I. bantering back and forth.   From what we’ve heard though, their current robots don’t sound like they’d be all that fun to banter with.

Even if they do get better though, the real question is:  Would you . . . the listener . . . still enjoy our show if you knew the people talking were emotionless robots, not humans?