RIP, LOL, There’s a New Acronym in Town!

Stop it!

I just burst out laughing

Gen Z-ers are increasingly using IJBOL which stands for “I just burst out laughing.”

After Gen Z murdered the laughing-crying emoji a couple of years ago, it became clear that no expression of mirth was safe from suddenly being declared passé. And now it has come to pass: The longtime default phrase for online laughter, LOL (short for, duh, “laughing out loud”), may be on its way out, as a new abbreviation for communicating hysterics comes to the fore: IJBOL. It stands for “I just burst out laughing.”

I’ve got some acronyms for you, Gen Z…

When you think things aren’t your fault… IYFNDWI (It’s your fault now deal with it)

NYCLWPFE (No, you can’t live with parents forever)

NYDCUWIT-(No you didn’t come up with it)