Robots To Do Almost 40% of Domestic Chores By 2033

Rosie the robot could be coming to your house!

This according to experts

Within a decade, around 39% of the time spent on housework and caring for loved ones could be automated, experts say.

Researchers from the UK and Japan asked 65 artificial intelligence (AI) experts to predict the amount of automation in common household tasks in 10 years.

Experts predicted grocery shopping was likely to see the most automation while caring for the young or old were the least likely to be impacted by AI.  Experts say that technology will cut the amount of time we spent grocery shopping by 60%.

Robots “for domestic household tasks”, such as robot vacuum cleaners “have become the most widely produced and sold robots in the world” the researchers observed.

The research suggests domestic automation could free up a lot of time spent on unpaid domestic work.

However, this kind of technology is expensive and experts say that only those with money will be able to take advantage of the AI!