‘Rules of Wine’ Are Intimidating

Do we really need rules when sipping wine?

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Woodbridge Wines, the survey also found that nearly three-fifths reported enjoying wine at least three days a week, with those over 65 drinking it more often than younger groups.



Regardless of age, seven in 10 said they consume wine more than any other type of alcohol during the winter holiday season.



Though wine is most often enjoyed with or around dinnertime, more than a quarter say that they usually drink wine with breakfast or brunch, and 26% think Happy Hour should be before 5 p.m.


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  • Drinking white wine at room temperature instead of chilled – 46%
  • Holding a glass by the bowl rather than the stem- 44%
  • Adding ice to wine – 43%
  • Filling their glass to the top – 42%
  • Sniffing the cork – 36%
  • Tasting wine while wearing strongly scented perfume/aftershave – 34%
  • Drinking wines “out of order” (e.g. red before white, sweet before dry, etc.) – 32%
  • Drinking without looking, swirling, or sniffing – 32%
  • Gulping wine down quickly – 25%
  • Pairing wine with non-traditional foods – 19%